Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another migration

I was roaming the halls of the Central Library when the bright colors in these works by Isaac Kobla Gavor caught my eye. The image at left is as expressive in texture as it is in the use of colors. The image below has such a different visual rhythm but both have a feeling of solidness about them. I regret I didn't take photos that included the titles for the works pictured here.

The expressions of the people in his works seem to come from their stance and position, their faces are more insinuation than detail. That aspect reminded me of the work by Jacob Lawrence. When I look at The Migration series I am struck by the contrasting elements of solid forms and expressive movement. The poetry of physical expression.

Mr. Gavor is originally from Ghana, a person who expressed his gifts at a young age, was compelled to share this gift and who shares his purpose "to educate views about Africa". His biography also shared that he lives in South Pasadena. Great to know that he is a Goldline visit away.

I look forward to seeing and learning more of his views of Africa.

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