Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Milagro Charter School is on the Border of downtown Los Angeles and western portion of East L.A. You'd be hard pressed to look for a more mixed use/zoned area, where folks live and work.

Milagro is well named; on a great many levels.

The school was celebrating Art Night last week. Every hallway was filled with art. Dioramas, totems that were actually book reports, character writing, studies in complimentary colors drawn on paper butterflied, and these grand geometric shapes.
The last wall of the "exhibit", or the entry depending on which way you entered, was most special. On it was pictured each of the students in cap and gown. Each image had artwork on it, sometimes drawn, sometimes glued and a sentiment written by a parent or parents. In a variety of handwritten styles, in a variety of languages were the dreams of the adults for their children. Sometimes having the dream and sharing it is also a milagro, no?

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