Monday, May 3, 2010


I admire folks like Petrea Bouchard who have daily blogs. I try to be in their ranks, but as happened this weekend, find my impetuous side winning. So no blog on Saturday or Sunday.

Could have written about weeding on Saturday, but it would have simply read - am tired, weeded, need to veg in front of TV. MI-5 on KCET, dark, dark work done well.

Sunday was another matter. James and I spent the afternoon on a date in Claremont. Yes, after 30 years we still go on dates. We went into a stamp shop and found that we might have a key to our invitations. Periwinkle and mother of pearl, Tolkien and moonglow. But I digress...

Went into various shops and enjoyed the banners that were along Yale and adjoining streets. The good city of Claremont set up a citywide, all local artists call; selected artists were given a prefab banner, asked to paint their design, and were given $250 upon completion. Seems like a great way to bring in all levels of artists, have wide representation of work, and keep local business supported. Added a nice bit of color, defined place, and it was fun to see all the different styles and levels of technique used.


  1. Oh, you're making me laugh! I think daily blogging is only for the insane.

  2. Well I might qualify for the mental qualification, but the discipline, nope.