Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lummis Day

Had a chance to take this photo at the Museums of the Arroyo on Sunday. Imagine 7 museums open to the public and free transportation to shuttle you to and fro. Fun day; lots of history, lots of people curious about the area, and really great weather. Spent time in Highland Park at Heritage Square and at El Alisal, Charles Lummis' home. Heard local librarian and storyteller Nick Smith, chatted with historian/journalist Cecilia Rasmussen, and shared a few quick words with Michelle Zack who was there with her latest work.

In the midst of all this I found myself drawn to this very temporary mural-like piece. It is on a fence, at the intersection of Avenue 43 and the 110 exit. The image itself is a bit an intersection. It is the work of local high school students working with folks from Avenut 50 and is artistically highlighting local history and local sites as part of their community. Youth, the arts, environmental references, and history - too cool.

A more dynamic interaction of these elements will take place at the June 6th Lummis Day celebration. I sure hope I can attend this day that celebrates so much that has happened and is happening along our arroyo.
It was encouraging to see that this piece was drawn by local high school students.


  1. There are several of these mini murals around town. Next time they do the free museum day you might want to check out the HP police museum on York. They actually once engaged in a collaboration with artists from the Arroyo Arts collective. It's fascinating.

  2. They are great. I hope that I can go to that HP police museum next time. I am really curious about what might be in such a museum.