Thursday, May 20, 2010

Red Rock Canyon Park in winter

Being married to James I have come to have an appreciation for meadows and plains. The contrasts between the plains and the mountains is majestic. I find the vastness a little overwhelming, he finds them exhilarating. I suspect that there is a solid bit of pioneer in him.

Budgets being what they are, here's hoping that wide open spaces remain as undeveloped as possible. Perhaps children like Lili and Cheli, ages 6 and 2, have a bit of pioneer about their soul and will be refreshed by open spaces in their future.


  1. Open space makes me breathe deeper, stand straighter. There is nothing like it. Most city people have never experienced its magnificence.

  2. The last few days have brought a bit of that to us in the city. Pretty lucky.

  3. I've heard of a new park in Irvine where city kids can get a taste of nature and open space. Sounds like something really special.