Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Saturday the Union Pacific Empowerment Center established by the YWCA/Greater Los Area had its opening ceremony. The emcee recognized architects, Field Reps, the YWCA President Faye Washington, and Supervisor Gloria Molina, all of whom helped to take the plan from vision to reality.

It was shared that the area to be served is a bit like an isolated island; its is defined by two freeways and railroad tracks. True words; I grew up here and remember thinking of Boyle Heights and Lincoln Heights as being Big City.

The services to be found at the center were defined by an Empowerment Council made up of community residents. One of the ways they'll be eliminating rasicm and empowering women is by strengthening the community. To that end the center will provide computer training, language classes, financial education, and parenting classes.
These girls now have a safe place to develop their inherent skills and talents. Oh, to have future vision and see in what ways they, in turn, will contribute to eliminating discrimination, and empowering other young women.


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