Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Commitments

You know folks are committed when they are in school with their children on a Sunday morning on a regular basis. Parents of the children in Grupo Educa bring their children almost weekly to classes where they play, draw, and write their way to Spanish literacy. This group of parents is committed to making sure their children hold on to their linguistic heritage.
The gathering here is made up of parents and children from ages almost 2 to about 9. Roles were written by an adult, but the student acted or narrated their parts. The little ones were very attentive. The older students were proud of their accomplishments.
All the parents beamed, and some, perhaps, gave a silent sigh of relief.


  1. Speaking of heritage, I understand you were the recipient of the Titley Ave. street sign. Is that so?

  2. Yes. Some people from the community are planning opportunities in the near future to recognize the area, by both the names Chichuahuita and Titleyville. Recognizing both shows a greater appreciation for the complex history of the area.