Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Work

There are a lot of ways that folks share a romantic moment. At times there is the single rose, the long deep gaze over dinner, or holding hands after a concert.
Over the weekend James and I shared time, and coffee, working in our backyard. Perhaps it's not as romantic as moonlight and roses but being out in the morning air and making the yard just a bit more inviting is a sweet way to begin the day. A gentle sort of romance, indeed.


  1. that's where I was. Though perhaps your result looks tidier than mine. Still, I harvested 15 bulbs of garlic, and three big beet bulbs. Until Monday, I had thought the beets were swiss chard, and wondered why the leaves tasted ok but strange.

  2. Sometimes it's about the camera angle. Just for fun I may post the pile that has accumulated on the other side of the path. Wow, I admire your harvest. We didn't amend our soil well this year and have precious little. To make matters worse, Leia, or some other creature, has leaned against a couple of young corn. So much so that they are not likely to survive.
    I should talk with you some day about the garlic, sounds yummy.

  3. Sure, I love talking crops. I put in two raised beds and that has made all the difference in the success of my harvest. Unfortunately, my dog likes to enjoy the fruits of my labor and eats apples, tomatoes, zucchini, loquats ...

  4. Raised beds, eh? Seems like that may be the key. Our Leia, is like your dog - she loves the fruits any sort.