Friday, June 11, 2010

The Milagro of Chihuahuita

The Milagro Beanfield War is one of my all time favorite movies. In part because I love the area around Chimayó and Las Truchas, New Mexico, in part because of my connection to the area via family trips. I love that the movie tells the story from multiple perspectives.

The sky of NM always makes me sigh. NM is magical realism incarnate for me. I applaud both Moctesuma Esparza and Robert Redford for letting the land and the people of NM share their story. Latino Heritage is going to screen the film next Friday.
As if that weren't enough Manny Contreras, friend of LH and co-founder of the Pasadena Mexican American History Association, generously gave us use of footage that his uncle took of Pasadena in the 1940s. We have put together a short subject documentary using home movie footage- "At Home in Chihuahuita". It is a silent movie. A musical score will be provided by Otoño Lujan (accodion) and Elliott Baribeault (bajo sexto).

The colonia of Chihuahuita was east of Pasadena. It was also known as Titleyville. What you called it depended upon your perspective and to some degree where you lived. For those who lived in the area it was as a special place. It is remembered for its everyday miracles.


  1. The silent footage sounds fascinating. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. The footage is quite cool. It really is from a home movie. One of my buddies told me they thought it was probably super 8 or real 8 film that was used. It is real find.