Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been busy scanning pictures from James and my wedding.
Here's my mom and dad shortly before the ceremony. I've seen the picture many times but have never noticed my mom's hand - until now.

She had really severe arthritis so it could be that she was keeping her balance by leaning on my dad. Or she could have been giving him a tug and telling him to behave.

Either would be a possibility.

For almost 40 years they were helpmates, conspirators, best friends, and the burr in each other's sides. Pete and Nellie Martinez; friends to the end.

Their anniversary was July 28th.


  1. Oh gosh, what a picture. I'll bet you could stare at this for hours. I see you in her, and in your daughter, too.

  2. Yup. In our family we call the look The Villa look. Someday I'll show a picture of 4 generations. Boy, it's apparent in the pic; Cesareo Villa, Nellie Martinez, Roberta, and Kate. And if you look the right way there's a good deal of Nell in Lili and Cheli.

  3. Strong genes in your family! That photo is a treasure.