Monday, August 2, 2010

Daisy will be in Cardinal and Gold

Daisy is going to Grad School! She is the young woman who is in jeans helping out during my campaign in 2007; that was when first got to know each other well.

It took her a couple of years and some different experiences to decide to return to school. She was wise to wait until she was ready. Changing one's life and committing to a hard task is something that should fill one with awe.

Once Daisy decided to apply, she had to wait what seemed an interminably long time to hear the results from the USC Policy, Planning, and Development. Now she knows she will need to make sure her wardrobe has some Cardinal and Gold. Go Trojans.

I don't know whether or not at some point in the future she may decide to run for office; if she decided to do so she'd be a great candidate. She is smart, listens well, knows a lot about what the issues are in the city, and really cares about everyone in our community.

I know that there are rumblings of those who are running for office in Pasadena - for council and for school board. Although the elections are not until next spring people have already started to have informal coffees and teas to gain initial support. I hope any who consider running have the same qualities as Daisy - and a good pair of walking shoes.

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