Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The last big pile

Lots of changes going on at the house.
Most are taking place on the outside of the house, although I have been working at really cleaning the inside of the house. While I don't have a decades worth of paper qualifying me for hoarderhood, I do have residual paperwork that is changing status from being piled to being filed.

Back to the outside.
We have several smaller porches. It turns out each porch has its own character and its own accumulation of life support. Here are bits of two of the four porches.

Our backyard is almost all claimed. Some plants will look luscious this fall, others looked better last spring. Native plants can be like that. Our future plans include decomposed granite, brickwork, and a fountain. In the meantime here is the last really big stack of weeds. I see the pile and wish it would somehow magically disappear.

It hasn't yet, but I hear a voice in my head that sounds like - soon...soon...soon.


  1. We have A LOT of work to do in our back yard, and I'm looking for ideas. We have lots of river rocks, and I like your idea of lining pathways with them.

  2. I've lots of ideas to share.
    One hint re: river rocks - those visible on the right side when placed sporadically look more natural. Most river rock is about 1/2 to /1/3 on top of the ground, the rest below.