Tuesday, August 24, 2010

North of the 210 Freeway

I don't know what I had imagined my life would be like when I became a grandmother. My vision was probably somewhere between the abuelita who stayed at home fixing food for mi familia and the professional grandmother who reserved special dates to spend with our grandchildren.

As it turns out neither version is what has become my reality.

My reality is more like a seasonal, traveling grandmother. Wandering up to Portland, meeting folks in N. CA, meeting family in other states as they arrive by plane. The balance to my travel is having a home where the kiddoes can come and we can do fun things - locally.

The children's section of the Huntington is on this week's list. As is a visit to Kidspace.

Last week we avoided/dealt with the heat by going to the water element at La Pintoresca Park. One of the family treasures that can be found north of the 210 freeway. Truth be told, where we were was secondary to who we were with and what we were doing. No matter the place, being together and having fun makes it a good day no matter where you are.


  1. That really looks like a great find especially for moms/grandmoms/dads/granddads with kids. They are so cute, too.

  2. La Pintoresca has so much to offer. In addition to a wonderful library with a collection of African American writers, there is a skatepark and so much more!