Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the routine

For the last 17 days my life has been designed around the needs and desires of these two Oregonians. Well, that's not quite accurate, their mother and I have tried to see and do as much of the things that are meaningful to their mother, our members of our family and our compadres, who are as dear as family.

We've visited everything from familias in Riverside to the home of Lili's babsitter near Exposition Park, from the Natural History Museum to Griffith Park. In the San Gabriel Valley we have enjoyed the good food and pleasurable sites - Burrito Express, Domenico's, La Pintoresca Library and Park, and the Huntington Library.

Thursday morning my day will begin without a hunt in our backyard for a plaster gnome, the return of our backroom to a sitting room, and a house that is home, but lacks the resonance of the cries, the shrieks, and the laughter of little girls who are filled with energy and joy.
Hasta la proxima - until the next time...

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