Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Parting is sweet sorrow

It's not sweet to have our girls go back to Oregon. But there can be sweet moments that happen as you get ready to separate.

Having bath time rubber duckies is a family tradition. A new tradition is cleaning the ducks and then putting them outside to dry off so that they are ready for their next visit. A bit of closure and a bit of looking to the future.

Cheli embraced this combination of traditions as only a 2 year-old can.

Another combination of old and new is the replacing of our Santa Maria de Foix on our freshly painted house. As you can see I've already dinged our beautiful fresh paint when I nailed the support in place.

A more panoramic view will be forthcoming but not yet.

I have to work on my own version of cleaning and closure. I need to get my emotional ducks in a row.


  1. They will have many happy memories of their visit with you and James this summer.

  2. I think so. And as important they will have memories of Pasadena and our special places in the San Gabriel Valley.

  3. Oh, forgot. I made a point of driving past City Hall. Lili was rather impressed with our edifice. After seeing the building she wanted to know if Pasadena was larger than Portland.