Friday, September 17, 2010

Latino Heritage - my familia

In the midst of all my preparations for Latino Heritage Month and its many activities that this is a time when it would be particularly okay to share some of my family's history.

The parade & jamaica is chrnologically focused on the years 1910-1920, so I'll share small snippets that were a part of my family history.

I ended up "Smurfing" my grandpa and me so that I could share this picture of him as we danced at my first wedding celebration.

I look at this photo and see my daughter's eyes, my grand daughter's eyes, and the eyes of my mother. I also see a smile that, for me, begins to express something of the elegance he had about him.

Baptismal documents share the following: "...birth of Cesareo Villa in the center in Villa Coronado at 10 am of the 5th day of September 1886. Before me Jesus Antonio Garcia state civil judge confirmed the presence of Luis Villa citizen and neighbor of Guadalupe section 6th of this village who presented a child, alive and born on the previously mentioned section at 9 P.M. of the 27th day of August, whom he named Cesareo legitimate son of the aforementioned and son of Mrs. Bernardina Moreno neighbor of the same section".

And so begins a part of the tale.


  1. I love this series that you're doing, Roberta.

  2. I'm connecting the man in this picture with the young man in the b&w photo in the previous post. I don't suppose a young man knows how elegant he will be when he attends his granddaughter's wedding.

  3. Nor how eloquent he will become as he grows older.