Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall rhythms

There was a certain rhythm to my life when I taught school. To this day I have at least one moment where I feel like I should be preparing for "things" in a big way by the time I get to mid-August.

It was time to go to places like Angels or Lakeshore and pick up materials that I would be using come September. My Labor Day weekend was usually filled with hours of writing in names, putting together calendars, and cleaning out my room. A lot of energy was focused on the beginning of the School Year.

When I quit working as a teacher and became involved in work that led to what I do now the rhythm changed. .

Fall became a time of culmination rather than of beginnings. The push to make sure that funding, permits, and volunteers were in place was ending rather than beginning. A successful parade & jamaica means job well done. Debrief meetings took the place of Welcome Back to School Nights
And my time for vacation has seemed to switch to the fall. Over the past 5 years James and I have found ourselves on vacation on the road at the end of October.
This year is no different. We're off to the other side of the Rockies - back to my ancestral land of Pueblo, Colorado. And the cool wide skies of New Mexico.

Our mulberry finally believes that it is autumn. It is time to hit the road - for at least a little while.

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