Friday, October 22, 2010

Traveling attitudes

When I was a child our family traveled past campgrounds and what became known as rv parks. We always stayed in motels. Truth is, once stopped in a town we would spend about an hour looking for a place to stay. I don't think we ever made reservations and I know we never stayed in a hotel.

Times and sensibilities are different in my current very nuclear family.

James and I make reservations before we leave the house and we now often stay at places like KOA. This trip was planned with KOA stops in the plan.
We bought two nice sleeping bags, we have a place to stay and sleep in our kabin. I know - kabins, kampgrounds, klub...well, we save kash and that is always very kool.


  1. My children and I stayed at a KOA a couple of nights just outside of Las Vegas while on a really fun road trip many years ago. There were slot machines in the office, the laundry room, you name it!

  2. A great camp ground on the border of Utah/Nevada headed in the direction of St George. It's in that gorge with only one off ramp. Two bucks a night, good bathroom facilities and very uncrowded.

    I also have a post up I know you will find interesting. about Ruth