Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Final Helping for Sra. Garcia

It's not clear if Dionisio left or if Aniceta left the house. Depending upon who's telling the tale it makes a lot, or not a bit, of difference.
What was important in the story was that Dionisio and Aniceta spent time together again.

By that time Gonzalo and Eugenio were teenagers. In the time and the economy they were viewed as young men, strong and capable. Big brothers to their sister Estefana. They were able to read and write. In time they would read Spanish translation of The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron Mask in translation.

But they were still young enough to be home as soon as possible after work. Aniceta and Estefana were ready to serve them dinner. A time for all of them to share the day's events.

One day Dionisio returned to the house. It seems the nuclear family was again gathered in a room. And while they were all there the father made a plea that his sons join him when he returned to Los Estados Unidos.

After a pause of notable length Gonzalo stood and respectfully asked his father a simple question and made two simple statements.

"Thank you for coming back for me and my brother. I wonder why it is you have only come back for my brother and me, and are are not asking that your daughter and wife join you?"
A pause, and then the statement rolled through the room and their lives.
Gonzalo turned to his younger and with 19th century solemnity said, "I don't know about you brother, but I am going to stay here with my mother".

And with that Sra. Garcia had her final helping. Neither she, nor her children saw Dionisio again.

Image by James Grimes, Cove Fort, pants, human yoke

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