Saturday, October 16, 2010

Name changes

I've been struck by the fact that most of us have several names or nicknames that we use or are given as we go through our lives. In my own case I've been known by everything from the diminutives for my name in both English and Spanish, characteristic names - Dona Chapita being one - and a favorite hobbit name. What people call me tells me something of when we were first close.

Originally I wanted to call this blog "A Pasadena Latina". It was important to share that is one person's experience and perspective. It is a response to the things that I see around Pasadena and that I experience as a Latina. I hope the intersections of the two often bring some novel thoughts to the blogosphere.

It went against the grain to have blog be "Pasadena Latina" but I lacked the technique to change the title.

Today is a new day, I have learned a new technical skill, and a blog is renamed.


  1. The blog looks great, and I like the title. I know what you mean--you are you, Roberta.

  2. I guess it was really important for me to not seem too full of myself. I hope that there will be other blogs who have a different experience and point of expression.