Sunday, October 17, 2010

Embracing Our Diversity

I met Judy Altman, years ago at a meeting that took place at Community Arms on Orange Grove. She was very excited about this new idea she had of gathering folks together to learn about each other's heritage. She wanted me to produce the event.
Two conversations, or so, later and the Racial Justice Breakfast was a reality.
I have had the privilege of serving as producer, attendee, performer, and volunteer committee member. Like all other activities and events it has evolved over the years.
What has not changed is the benefit that comes from learning more about each other. Learning about each other helps us undo the "isms" that are based on education, ethnicity, language, race, or orientation among other points of division.
All involved have done great work - Najaeeba and Beverly will keep the event thoughtful and entertaining. A lovely tribute will take place recalling Ms. Height, who has been called a "civil rights matriarch".
I am thrilled that the local work by Ms. "Tony" Stewart will be recognized by yet another generation. She is one who frequently, eloquently shared the thought that bias toward one, can quickly become bias toward all. And she would have none of it.

Don't know if it is still possible to purchase a ticket, but you should check it out, just in case.

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