Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They're here

Not a real surprise to share that I am among the many girls - and boys to some extent - who were avid Beatles fans. I saved up and bought almost every single one of their albums and singles.

At one point my junior high school friend and I were planning to marry a Beatles once we were grown up. Best that happened in that regard is that I share Paul McCartney's birthday. Ah, well, it meant the world to me when I was eleven.

iTunes and the remaining Beatles contingent have agreed to share the music yesterday. I among those that now have access to the their music on other than vinyl.

Rubber Soul and Revolver are now a part of my iTunes music collection.

Today I am torn between listening closely to their renditions and singing a long with them; sometimes at the top of my lungs. They became really fine musicians and were surrounded by folks that worked to their strengths. So I listen and I hear the influences of Motown, of Music Hall, of Monty Python, of Satie , of mambo, of consort, and so much more.

On a day and at a time when hard choices are being made all over the place I find it soothing to listen to tight harmonies, to base lines that can be a surprise, and to young musicians who are comfortable to write lyrics of love that include a reference to the Seven Wonders.

Somedays I need to retouch the exuberance of hope that youth can hold and share.

Rare Beatles - Art Cover - Dezo Hoffman


  1. I hadn't thought of it this way. Now I want to download some!

  2. Ah, perhaps music can be a bit of magic.
    I have a friend who takes magical pictures.