Monday, January 3, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

I'm spending the day going through piles of papers that accumulated over the past year. Trying to be somewhat ruthless and binary in approach - Keep and Toss pile only. Well, there is a third pile which is Transfer to computer - the shortest stack of all.

I am determined to go through the old paperwork that was a part of my parents life: things that aren't personal and sentimental will be tossed or shredded.

I've decided to give up gifts I've received from folks with whom I no longer have a strong connection. If I can't name the person who gave me the gift or with whom parting was sweet, no sorrow involved, out it goes. I'm glad to say I've hardly any items that fall into that last category, but there are a few.

I've also decided to acknowledge that I am entering my Age of Elderhood. I recognize that I won't know the exact date when my last third of life will begin; I could be in it as I write, or it could begin in another decade. I figure I'm close enough to call the entry.

I have resolved to use the pretty things that I picked up in my youth and plan to share them with my kith and kin. So if you come over for coffee or tea don't be surprised if I choose to serve a humble drink in my finest china. You may get to spoon sugar from my precious bowl that I bought in Austria when I was 21. I am resolved to enjoy and share joyful times with those around me.

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