Thursday, January 6, 2011

Los Reyes y Una Reina

Today in many Latino households there is great celebrating going on. It is El día de los Reyes Magos.
Echoing the arrival in Bethlehem of Wise Men bearing gifts, children through Mexico anxiously await waking up on January 6 to find toys and gifts left by the Reyes Magos (Magi).
In some regions it is customary to leave out shoes where treasures may be deposited by the special visitors.

The day is often celebrated with a Merienda consisting of hot chocolate and a Rosca de Reyes. The rosca is a crown-shaped sweet bread decorated with candied fruits. Tiny figures of babies are hidden in the dough. There is much excitement as each partaker cuts his or her own slice, for whoever gets a piece contain a baby is obliged to host another party on or before Candlemas, February 2, when Mexico's holiday season finally comes to an end.
I'll be breaking bread with members of Latino Heritage this evening carrying on this tradition.

But first I will go to the services for Ms. Anthony Stewart. In my mind, there was a bit of royalty about her. She spoke with an eloquence that befitted a queen. Her will to speak truth to authority continued to shine even as her body grew weaker.

The article in the Pasadena Journal which shared the sad news of her passing includes the following:
"When asked the questions, 'What motivates you to do what you have done?' Tony's response was threefold, first, God, second, family, and third, 'to leave any effort better than I found it'.

Today will be a celebration of the 3 Kings and a Homegoing Celebration of a woman who was a Queen of Civil Rights.

Images: Public domain, Pasadena Journal

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  1. Thank you for sharing about Ms. Stewart and about the Reyes Magos. I am new to the Pasadena area-- have yet to see a bakery out here. Any recommendations? I'm looking for a Rosca de Reyes. :)