Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A League of Their Own

When I was growing up I thought that all exhibits were in museums and that they were all based on old documents and musty memories.

Professor Richard Santillan, taking notes, is among the folks who are very much disproving my youthful theories. "Team Historian" is collecting stories and images that will be used in a volume focused on the Mexican-American Leagues in the Inland Empire. The two gentlemen chatting with him played baseball in that league. They shared background information and had old photos scanned with the help of the Cal State San Bernardino library staff and graduate students.

Because they were so isolated many players worked in the fields during the week and then were involved with baseball throughout the weekend. Several spoke of baseball as their life - it meant everything to them.

Terry Cannon, of the Baseball Reliquary Society has captured the spirit of their stories in this exhibit that is just outside the entrance of the Special Collection archives.

Beginning March 2nd, there will be a similar exhibit in the Pasadena Central Library. It's focus will be the leagues in the Los Angeles area. Professors Santillan and Balderrama, authors of Mexican-American Baseball in Los Angeles, will be sharing images and information in the Donald Wright Auditorium on March 31 from 6-8.

Do swing on by.

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