Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pinkeye days

I was planning to write about many things this weekend. Then I got turned around by the guys.
First, it was helping with the Taboo taped interview and then the book signing at Vroman's. Both went really well, but took hours to complete. That's just the way it is.

Then poor Matthew needed to go to Urgent Care for pinkeye. Really intense pinkeye. We're going back tonight for a follow up. My scientific side was tempted to share his image, but I thought better.

Not working on a set schedule means that I get to provide parental medical care. So it's focusing on short term tasks today.

For your viewing pleasure - our freshly painted dining room. I don't think the real color shows in these images, but the first image is closest to the actual color I see.

There is one wall left to paint and I'll get to that as soon as possible, but I need to wear my nurse hat rather than my painter hat today.


  1. Just meandering around your place. The story about Boots was simply told, and lovely.

  2. Your welcome to meander anytime.
    Thanks Boots was a dear.