Monday, February 21, 2011

Danzon, pt. 2

I can't imagine what Marie must have felt after her conversation with the accountant. The simple fact was that Danzon had to end. It had been a good run and good fun. Evenings of dance, elegance, and exotic music - could a widow have asked for more?

Shortly thereafter Danny and Sergio were at Marie's house. She asked them to bring up a steam trunk from the basement. They did so and when it was opened they discovered stocks and bonds that had never been cashed! So the Danzon came to life again.

There were more nights when Teddy Fregoso would broadcast via KWKW from the Danzon. Pasadena residents like Patricia Guerrero had a chance to play on the white grand piano. And dancers from Beverly Hills walked up the red carpeted steps after their limos had dropped them off in front of Danzon.

Marie and Sergio are no longer around; Danny is now 90 and lives in Monrovia. So the pictures that Danny and Sergio's son, Sergio Lopez, share are almost the only peek into this supper club's past.

Except for the painted hint on brick that is evident in Old Pasadena. You can walk by and see the name of the Latin Supper Club that is a part of Pasadena's past.

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