Friday, February 11, 2011

Troop L, 9th Cavalry, New Mexico

There are so many bits of information and hints of history in this photo. It was part of an exhibit at the Governor's Palace in New Mexico. The text that accompanies this image shares that there were about 3500 African-American infantrymen and cavalry troops that served in New Mexico and that they had a baseball team in 1899.

Beyond this is the tale told by the demeanor and posture those being photographed. Then there is the physical makeup of the group. Some of the categories seem really clear. If you look really closely you can see reflections of mestizaje that are very much apart of the team players.

And then there are the objects that are in the picture. The expected are there - ball, bat, cleats, and mask all present. Presumed mascot, present.

And there is the book that is open. Not your standard team item.

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