Thursday, March 3, 2011

César E. Chávez Art and Essay

This month young readers in PUSD will learn about the Chávez family and their journey from Arizona store owners to migrant farmworkers in California. They can learn about how he and Dolores Huerta eventually became co-founders of the United Farm Workers and their success as organizers, in the field and at boycotts.

Students in Middle and High School will learn about his work and will be asked to reflect on how Cesar might have responded to the Dream Act. They will be asked to include how the Dream Act ties in to Chavez's goals and legacy.

All of this is being shared via a packet that was put together by the PUSD Language and Development Department. Latino Heritage helped to set guidelines and questions and will be coordinating the judging of the district wide art and essay contest.

Our children will get a chance to learn about a person whose life, in some ways, was not that different from their own. There are challenging that we all face and times when we deal with bias. How others have responded to bias is a lesson worth learning. How we respond can be learned from that lesson.

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