Friday, March 4, 2011

A Streamy Bowl of Consciousness

This morning's post was supposed to be about the PUSD Cesar Chavez art & essay contest, but the blogosphere managed to swallow up the post.

So in its stead is an homage to my family and our connection with hot cereals.

Great grandmother Aniceta, as well as my dad and mom, were of the oatmeal type. I'm sure my Bisabuelita Aniceta used the word avena. Whatever the language it was the food that caregivers made at home. Add a little milk and a little sugar and you have a clear expression of love. Being a child of the 50s my form of hot cereal was Malt-O Meal.

I tried to share my love with my children only to learn last year that Kate hated it. We have made a cultural reverse of some sort. She makes avena for Lili and Cheli and they love it.

So that's my steam, I mean, stream of consciousness delivered to you, thanks to the Great Goblins of the Blogosphere.

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