Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last week I had a great time at La Pintoresca Library and that visit had me thinking on the past. Yesterday I dropped by the Library Staff Development Day and I heard a lot of ideas about the future. Even during the last hour of the day they were actively participating-sharing ideas about how they might work more efficiently and more effectively-in this 21st century.
Budget cuts have affected all departments of the city. I know that it has been hard for folks to go their branch and see the reduced or revised hours. But like most other departments, virtually none of the library staff are working fewer hours by choice. Jan Sanders, Director of Libraries and Information Services, has had to make some tough choices because of the economy. At best it can be a delicate dance. Spending a day with a staff that is looking at the current situation can only help.
And yet here they were at 4 in the afternoon, working away. Looks like a lot of folks until you remember that this staff from 10 branches; all staff, librarians, administrators, security, and so on. This same staff provides service to over a million visits to the libraries.

I'm not quite sure what the New Normal will be, but I sure am glad that this staff is thinking about what it might be and trying figure out how they'll be ready for it.

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