Friday, July 22, 2011

Because it was there

One of the great things about children in areas where there is virtually no electricity is the chance to do things old school. We experienced this while we were with our grandkids at Mount Lassen.

You know, there's no t.v., no video, no radio, but lots of really fine forest dirt.

So while the adults are seemingly oblivious to what you are doing,
you begin to kick dirt in the sunlight.

You kick, and kick, and kick, and kick, and laugh, and kick some more.

Until one child has dirt in almost all the places that touch the air.
This is not always viewed as a good thing.

But is sometimes remedied by a quick wipe, some loving hugs, and the opp to wear mama's hat.
Photos - James Grimes

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  1. They can figure out how to play with whatever's available and they don't need our help. Sticks and weeds make excellent toys.