Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27 - shortly before 3

I called Kate to wish her a happy birthday. Told her I knew I'd write about her today - had no idea what I might write.

She laughed her Kate-laugh - a bit knowing, a bit amused, and a bit of "Oh, really". Keywords.

You can see that resolute sensibility in her face at this Girl Scout Encampment. All almost a head taller, but those white shades are worn by one determined pre-teen.

Prom picture shows another variation on the sense of resolution. Our comadre helped Kate with her makeup, her buddy designed the dress, but the smile is all hers.

Charming, dimpled, in the front row with the other young women who were in the first co-ed class at La Salle High School.

She chose to be a part of history, part of a ground breaking class.
Switching schools in her Junior Year was very much her choice.

She ran for president of the Student Body while she was there - yes, there is a theme developing.

The last image is from our recent time together at Mt. Lassen.

In this picture I see a bit of all those keywords - determined, amused, "oh, really", charming.

And I see so much more.

I can't help it, I'm her mom and it's her birthday today.

Feliz cumpleaños, m'hija. I love you.

Unknown photographer - prom picture
James Grimes - Cheli and her mom