Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simple Treasures

We're going to be making some changes in the house and as a result things are coming out of boxes and being fished from the deep ends of cabinets.

My mom bought this sweet set years and years ago. It may be Italian, it may be Mexican - hard to tell. To my knowledge she never used it.

She also had a Spanish demitasse version that was very 50s Modern - all sweeping lines and some cool variation on rocket red. She never used that set either.

I'm sure that she didn't spend a lot for either, that would not have been her style. Dear to the heart, not to the purse. A good penny , yes; a lot of money, no.

She was far too practical to buy the sets just for their looks. Which led me to wonder why did she buy them? Were they a reminder of a time when she was a spinster - a time when she alone decided her fate? Was it looking to the future when she would have relatives over to the house and they would spend the night gossiping and laughing? Were they purchased and then viewed through the prism of buyer's remorse? I'll never know.

I think it's time to pass this on to a second hand store. Someone will find this set and at the very least it may give them something to dream on.

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