Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stuck in the house with Garth

For a lot of reasons, too many to name, I'm stuck in the house most of today. Folks are working in the yard and I need to be able to break away at any given moment.

So my bit of Pasadena today is pretty much confined to the walls of the house and the laptop.

To balance this is my private Garth Brooks concert.

The cd's were a birthday gift from Kate - found them on the pillow some years ago - a token of love from someone who really, really doesn't like country, but who is a fine daughter who humors her mother and her choices.

So I'll do my work while listening to my personal concert and will smile every time I think of the gift that was given with love.

The Limited Series - Art Direction:Virginia Team/Design:Jerry Joyner/Photography:Beverly Parker.

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