Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not Paul - at all

Twenty-six years ago James and I were anxiously waiting for a phone call. We were in the midst of an adoption and we knew the baby would arrive any day. The call came on a Saturday night, but with it came news that we couldn't see the baby until the papers were signed by birthmom and birthdad. It wasn't until late Monday that we were told we could see the baby on Tuesday.

Everyone in the house was so anxious. James, Kate, my mom, my dad and me - anxious, anxious, anxious. We wanted to see him. We wanted to hold him. We wanted to bring him home.

I'm not sure how well we slept for a couple of days. We were able to bring him home on Wednesday. The drive to Los Angeles seemed to take forever and ever.

Then we saw him - he was so beautiful, he had blond hair and blue eyes and he was so big -
9 pounds and 12 ounces, 21 inches long. That is a lot of baby.
I kept thinking of a baby Paul Hornung.
I had no idea how strong my arms would become or how deeply I would love him.
Now that he is a young man it turns out he doesn't look like Hornung at all.

He has always been uniquely Matthew. As a baby he laughed in his own way, as a child he learned at his own pace, and as a young man he has bloomed as Tío Matthew.
Larry recognizes this. We agree.
Happy birthday M'hijo.


  1. James, Paul, Matthew. Where's your John??

  2. Sorry, best we can do is Larry. But then he's quite the cat.

  3. Karin - Thanks. I think we're both on a roll. The Actor had a lovely rhythm throughout and the last paragraph was golden.

  4. Great story. Great kid. Funny, my oldest son is also named Matthew and he looks a little like him. And his cat is a tuxedo cat like the one he's holding in the photo.

  5. Thanks. Perhaps there's something in the name?