Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lovers and dreamers

James and I have celebrated 32 years together. Parts of our life have been traditional and then there are times that have been uniquely ours. Our first week together was one of those times.

In 1979 I was recently separated from my first husband and was living in a housemate setting. We were friends with no benefits, save a deep appreciation for the arts.

On a late Sunday night Housemate Jeff returned from a vacation back East and there was this really cute guy with him. Over the next four days, we played music on recorders, hosted a birthday party for a friend, went on a trip to Disneyland, and went on a hike. By Thursday James and I professed our love for each other: attraction, friendship, soulmate in the space of four days.

So what to do on our first date? James was planning to hike on his vacation in the West so he had no dress pants - only jeans. We had much more love than money and no car, but we wanted to go out on the town.

So James borrowed a pair of pants that were about 6 inches too long for him, we went via bus to a Chinese dinner and saw one of the few movies showing near the busline. Miss Piggy was the leading lady, Kermit the leading man, and our song became "The Rainbow Connection".
Who doesn't love a waltz? And when your love is newly minted, who isn't a bit of a dreamer?

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