Monday, August 15, 2011

Pyramid and pillars

I'm sitting in my living room working on my lap top - it's one of the luxuries I enjoy. There is the last bit of a cool breeze coming through the windows. From where I sit I can see the reflection of a couple of hummingbirds taking a good long drink from the feeder that James has set up for them.

I hear a group singing a song that has the melody of Freres Jacques - the lyrics are a mix of English and Spanish; the voices are mixed - adults and young children. Some of the voices have vowels that are a bit rounder than standard English pronunciation and the Spanish has some very consonant heavy pronunciation. There is a lot of small laughter: they're having a really good time.

I was originally going to write about the "hate language" that has been appearing in our part of town. The Pasadena Police have been following this closely because, I suspect, they are aware of the "Pyramid of Hate".

The idea is that the acceptance of small actions of discrimination or bigotry can lead to progressively more hurtful actions.
I couldn't find a good illustration of the Pyramid that I could use, but you can easily find it on the internet.
Instead of the Pyramid here is a photo taken at Sierra Madre Elementary School in June.

On the stage are pillars of character that can prevent or undo discrimination and intolerance. Across the street, by accident or by design, the pillars of laughter and of song are doing some of the same.


  1. I hadn't heard this term before now, so I googled it and found a lesson plan. It makes sense that this should be taught in the schools.

  2. The ADL/A World of Difference Institute is rather proprietary about the pyramid, so I knew I couldn't use the image. I learned about it and the curriculum when I worked for them as a per diem facilitator.