Sunday, August 7, 2011

Papers and paint on a Sunday afternoon

I love color. Kate had a book about a panda bear that in the course of the story took a bath in colors. If it were really possible I'd do so.

In a sort of similar way I love things in order. I purged the spices last week and they are now in alphabetical order.

The biggest problem for me is paper. I do research, so there's a sort of cousin to hoarding mindset that thinks that papers hold history so one needs to hold on to paper. But enough, already!

It is time to clean and chuck when your space is limited by the papers from 2002. Or a run for school board in 2007. And the sundry papers from years of Adelante Mujer Latina or notebooks from Pasadena Latino Forum. And the items from Latino Heritage aren't just paper - you figure out where you're going to keep 30"X 40" pictures.
Today I've taken breaks and have started to paint the back room. Working with the "right" color relaxes me.

I am lucky that I have friends who share encouraging and loving words - take a break say they. To which I lovingly say, "I will".

But first the chilis need to be hung and my mother's cedar chest needs to be rescued from the old sheet. An end of cleaning is in sight. I'll be able to enjoy the new colors in our back room.

You can bet I'll be kicking back then. Might even enjoy a beer.


  1. Thanks. It did seem to a lot of the story. The chiles are from our trip to New Mexico and will move to an area outside the dining room.