Friday, August 12, 2011

Treasures abounding

I was invited by a friend to attend a Teaching American History session. The morning began with a quick trip to the San Gabriel Mission. Author and scholar Bill Deverell, spoke about some of the demography of the mission community as well as the imporance of the mission to the beginnings of commerce in the area.

Threaded throughout his talk was the idea that this area was uniquely situated, relative to water wealth, and helped the San Gabriel Mission become a source of support for other mission's when they were struggling with drought. The SGM was known as The Queen of the missions because the wealth of water.

Mike Hart spoke about the hydrology of the lands around the mission. He has spent over 40 years focused on this in part because of his position as vice President and General Manager and in part because his family has a long tradition of ranching - they've lived in the West for 5 generations.
Mike has also transferred his knowledge and love of the west to the maps you see before him. The detail are beautiful and help to put the mission's wealth in a visual context. There are details of orchards, watering areas, dwellings and so much more.
We also had a chance to delight in his ironwork art at the Sunnyslope Water Company grounds. Informed by the setting and designed by another of our treasures in the San Gabriel Valley.


  1. Ive never seen that Sunnyslope Water Co. but I think I know where it is. It's way cool. Thanks. He sounds like an interesting guy, too.

  2. I plan to share more about Sunnyslope Water Company, but was struck by Mike's talents and felt I needed to share this first.