Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At the end of the tunnel

My house has considerable style to it. We won't talk about what sort. But style it has.

Mostly I like the style of the house. I love its periwinkle blueness, its simple person sized rooms, and the windows that allow lots and lots of light in on wintry days.

My office has been styled by 25 years of historical research, 13 years of parades & jamaicas, 1 run for school board, 1 book, nearly 10 years of TV shows, assorted boards and committees, and the wear and tear that comes with, at times from, assorted dogs and cats.

I have been working on setting some order, a significant amount of order, in the office. Old papers out, historical facts remain, safe and secure, multiples are dust, old stationary used or shared, 5 sheet cross cut shredder tired from activity.

I have been in the tunnel and think I see some light.


  1. Your house sounds like a lovely place to be.

  2. I love my house. Just, need to change the feeling from haphazard to casual.

  3. Those organized notebooks appeal to me!

  4. Me, too. In my fantasy world all my shelves are neat and orderly.