Friday, October 7, 2011

How our garden grows

Distance can be so forgiving, flaws may exist but you need to look for them to find them.

Our home - Southern California idealized on a just about perfect fall day.

We enjoy the blessings of cool nights and warm days. The mulch is fresh and the weeds seem abated. No blooms on many plants, but it's okay, they've bloomed this past year and are about to take a well earned rest.

Thanks to our neighbor John, of John's Tree and Landscape, we have a walkway with decomposed granite.

Today we went to Theodore Payne. We bought more plants that we'll add to our fairly xeriscaped garden. Their Fall Festival Plant Sale will be taking place tomorrow and next weekend.


  1. Love the landscaping and hey, thanks for the info on the sale. Too bad we won't be in town to go.

  2. Thanks. James and I have been semi, sporadically diligent. Mind you this is "doesn't our house look cute" image. Oh, that it all looked like this.