Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shadows and light

Took this picture at Occidental last May. James and I were at a fine concert of La Santa Cecilia Orchestra.

We'll be back at Oxy today attending a service for the son of our dear friends Norma and Pete Navarro. Jamal was a vibrant young man who died after a four year bout with colon cancer.

It is always hard to lose someone you love, but I think especially so when you have given them life and they have made your life fuller for the chance to nurture another human being.

Tlazokomati to all the souls who have been a part of our lives and who are in the next realm.


  1. Today you brought your heart to more than one friend who needed you.

  2. We are each of us blessed when we can do so. I, like you, was not alone in sharing a heart and a hug.

  3. It meant a lot to the two friends over this way.