Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reasons for a parade

When else can you get to dance in the streets with your friends?
Or to let the music wash over you as you lead a band

Or enjoy a cool ice cream at he end of the parade while you sit on your horse.
Images - James Grimes, Folks from: Eliot Middle School, Muir High School, Charros Unidos


  1. I visited the fete at Fair Oaks and Washington and took some photos of the tiny dancers. What a treat.

  2. More pictures to come. It was a great event. More parade participants than ever, more along the route, more at the jamaica. I think folks were surprised to the hula - but it was great.

  3. We got back from a couple of days out of town that turned out to be mostly driving. Slept half the day Saturday. Sorry to have missed this.

  4. That much driving would be okay for me because I love to drive, however I know it's not most folks cup of tea. Your body was making you get what you needed. Next year.