Friday, October 14, 2011

Small mysteries

I begin my day with one of the small joys of being a historian. Maybe the coffee hasn't settled in or I'm floaty from running around getting ready for the parade tomorrow.

But as I start the day I feel like a scientist in time; discovering, wondering, putting together a hypothesis, and then coming to some conclusion.

I know these young women were connected with the Pasadena Settlement. Beyond that there is so much conjecture. I must talk to those who might have been members, while they still remember details. Still work to be done here. Ready for my second cup of coffee.

In the meantime, good morning to you, from the Settlequeens and me.

Image via Manuel Contreras


  1. As I recall, from your book, this was club similar to the girl scouts.

    What happy faces.

  2. Pretty much. I still don't know when they met, why they were at Mrs. Jardine's, and whey they are dressed as they are. All those little mysteries, most of which are never answered, but many which are fun to think about.