Friday, November 18, 2011

"The Impact of a Starburst...

in a Low Metallicity Environment". Or how about a discussion of remote sensing focused on the "...Reduction of Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation"?

Those were a couple of the topics that were presented as a poster session at JPL today. Pretty low tech - poster up, presenter available and willing to talk with you about a topic they've been investigating.

Interesting note was that all the scientists and engineers presenting were Latino or were of Latino heritage. What a kick to have this young scientist, originally from Argentina, share her work in Spanish. The Hub in the library at JPL was resounding with English, Spanish, and Scientific vocabulary.

While there we also hears about a young student who was laughed at by his classmates when he shared he wanted to be a scientist. They felt they were much more sophisticated and wanted to become recording artists, movie stars, and celebrities.

Wish there were a happy ending to this tale. But this time there isn't. Despite his being helped by a local community volunteer to find a group that could help him achieve his dream. They reached out to him, but weren't able to help his parents understand, or perhaps sacrifice; the benefits of the future vs. for the needs of the present. In the end the mother tossed his lab coat in the trash.

I'm hoping that sometime in the future he finds the strength to reach back to his dreams and makes them real. Maybe someday he'll meet a young scientist, or someone who loves science, and a dream will become vivid again.


  1. I know that's the temptation, but there are a lot of parents who don't understand that the child/youth might have more than they have or that don't have the strength to dream with their child. The child looses out, but maybe, just maybe, something will kick start the dream when he can move ahead on his own.