Saturday, November 19, 2011

And from Rancho Cucamonga

One of the very cool items that was shared at the California Library Association Convention last week was the digital history work that has taken place in Pasadena and in Rancho Cucamonga (RC).

Because RC is a fairly young city they have a manageable amount of images to wrangle. Yes, wrangle is the term I think of when I think of collections of historical experiences represented mathematically or visually. Once you get a sense of history, you learn another fact, or in this case find another image, and there you are, having to regather your thoughts, review and come to a conclusion again.

But I digress - a thought wandered in and I had a need to wrangle.


RC having a much smaller number of images also means that they can fairly quickly present an interpreted history via current technology.

These are images of icells that can display digitzed documents and photos. A wave of a hand over a category and a brief slideshow is presented. Voila, instant historical tease. Or, I'm betting because this computer related, a theme can be presented. I know they also have brief oral histories that can be viewed.

They have these icells in the local history room at City Hall in Rancho Cucamonga and at Victoria Gardens, their super sized shopping mall .

History, up close and made personal.

Looks like a good idea to me.

By the way, I have been challenged technically and can't find a good image that will espand. Sorry.

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