Sunday, November 20, 2011

The last lights of day

I had a wild idea yesterday.

James - quick let's go to the Huntington. I knew that there was an exhibit of Michael J Hart's work - "Water Began it All". It's there through February 19, 2012, but I know how quickly my plans are subsumed by new plans or deadlines.

So away we went, dashing to the entry, through the grounds and to the Botanical Center's Flora-Legium gallery. And the images were spectacular. I know we'll go back again to drink in more of Mr. Harts' hand-colored maps and illustrations. Think of the details of an illustrated manuscript with the focus on the San Gabriel Mission and our local region. Fine images and a section where one can place overlays on maps to see what was and in a layered sort of way.

What a joyous surprise to see the work by independent researcher Gary Cowles. I'll share them in a separate post.

As if all that I mentioned wasn't enough, we left the grounds as the sky was taking a serious turn to night and enjoyed the last lights of day.

image - James Grimes

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  1. I've just got to see this exhibit, especially now that I've read your review.