Thursday, December 1, 2011

Surprises great and small

If you live long enough in Southern California you're not too surprised by the sorts of emergencies we share. Last night's windstorm was exceptional.
As were the stacks of palm fronds...
or the size of the branches that were broken from the trees.
Then there are the small surprises like the silver shades at the back of the Ralph's.
They were big - top of shelves to bottom of counter big. Textured and with a handle at the bottom. Bottles of juice and milk peeked from the small gaps between the shades; just enough to see that they were there, but not enough to easily reach them.
There was a handy dandy Ralph's worker ready to lift the shade, pick your preferred juice or dairy product.

She made sure that customers weren't injured by the dry ice that was keeping the refrigerated area cool.
All you needed to do was point.

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