Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An exceptional day in an exceptional season

Well the calla lilies aren't in bloom but this bush certainly is. The alternating heat and rain has been good for a lot of our plants. Not so cold as to kill, not so dry as to leave deeply parched.
When I step out my little cement patio the succulents seem happy.
Given my inclination to big city denial, I don't see the huge buildings our neighbors have built. Instead my optimistic eyes see...


  1. How pretty. What's in the top photo -- a palo verde by any chance? Whatever it is, I want it.

  2. It's not a palo verde. That is just visible in the middle picture. The plant with the yellow buds flower is Australian. Don't tell the folks @ Theodore Payne Foundation. Come on over and pick a bit of it to take to a nursery to get a plant like it.